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Silly Planks: Yahoo Attempts To Beat Gabi Ury’s Planking World Record

Because why wouldn’t we?!

By Natasha Bird, Yahoo Lifestyle
April 25th, 2014
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What a bunch of planks!

The Yahoo office has a fun afternoon attempting to beat a planking world record.Yahoo Lifestyle Vs Yahoo Celebrity in the GREAT plank-off of 2014.

Just recently, a young girl from Colorado shattered the world record for female planking – an exercise that involves holding your body off the ground, with only your forearms and your toes touching the ground.

It’s murder on the abdominal muscles, we’ll tell you that for free!

Gabi Ury shows us how it’s done.Gabi Ury is only 16-years-old and lives with VATER syndrome, an illness which affects her vertebrae, muscles and some of her internal organs, making this feat even more impressive.She discovered her spectacular planking capabilites quite randomly, while at volleyball practice, when her physical disabilities prevented her from running a mile with the other girls.

Gabi with some chums.After practising every other day for 40 minutes, Gabi broke the world record by holding the plank for a whopping 1 hour and 20 minutes!Feeling slightly put to shame by Gabi’s incredible planking enterprise, representatives from the Yahoo! Lifestyle and Yahoo! Celebrity teams decided to attempt our own plank challenge.

And we took it VERY seriously.

Check out this vine of the start of our competition.

We started off with real ambition – after a bit of trash talk and some squaring up, the Yahoo! plankers got down to business determined, if not to break the two hour mark, at least to go for 1 hr 21 mins.

After about 15 strong seconds, however, everything got a bit wobbly.

Abs started to quiver, backs began to droop and a few people – not mentioning names (ahem Nikki) – lost their resolve.


Very quickly, our feat of record breaking GENIUS descended into a simple “who can hold it the longest out of the three of us.”

Julia was victorious at – actually, we won’t tell you the time, but it was definitely a bit shy of Gabi’s.


So basically, the moral of this story is that planking is REALLY HARD, but also very good for you.

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