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Imagine Doing a Plank for One Hour and 20 Minutes—Because This Teen Girl Did Just That

Our abs hurt just thinking about it.

By K. Aleisha Fetters
April 25th, 2014
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Most women start shaking and cursing the workout gods after just 30 seconds of planking—but not 16-year-old Gabi Ury. She recently held a plank for—wait for it—one hour, 20 minutes, and five seconds. Take that, previous record of 40 minutes and one second!

On April 19, the Saturday after her 16th birthday, Gabi gathered her friends and family, started streaming shows on her phone, and got in a plank. Then she held it…and held it. When things got really hard (around 35 minutes in!) people began sitting with her, telling her stories and singing songs. Check out the video:

A ridiculously impressive feat all on its own, Gabi’s planking challenge was even more moving given that she was born with VATER syndrome, a cluster of birth defects that affect her spine, muscles, and limbs. She has scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) and is missing muscles in her calves, glutes, and part of her abs. Gabi put her core to the test to raise money for the Children’s Hospital Colorado, which helped her overcome the potentially debilitating condition.

“I spent a lot of time there when I was little and had most of my 14 surgeries there,” Gabi recently told The Huffington Post. “Without them and the doctors there, I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am and able to do this. So I wanted to help them out in any way I can.” So far, Gabi has raised about $50,000 for the hospital. Donations can still be made via Gabi Ury’s Web site.

“I’m hoping that I’m never going to have to do this again,” she said in a video that’s posted on her site.

Whether Gabi’s feat encourages you to plank for a minute or an hour, check out these tips for how do to a better plank—and get a stronger core in the process!

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