Cool tweets and facebook posts

Several celebrities have taken notice of Gabi’s story and have shared it with their followers. Below are a few of them:

Cool Tweets

@GWR with 107,000 followers

@sweetyhigh with 136,000 followers

@GMA with 2,460,000 followers

@WomensHealthMag with 2,500,000 followers

It has always been Gabi’s dream to be on the Ellen show. While the opportunity has not yet come about, Ellen DeGeneres did hear of Gabi and tweeted about her, and Gabi has an article about her on the Ellen Show Good News Blog. Ellen has 34 million followers on Twitter, and of those, 4,300 followers marked Ellen’s tweet on Gabi as a favorite, and 1,100 people re-tweeted it.

@TheEllenShow with 34,100,000 followers

@ YLifestyleUK with 22,800 followers

@LucianoHuck with 9,120,000 followers

@abilio_diniz with 230,000 followers

@simonsinek with 150,000 followers

@tonyrobbins with 2,500,000 followers

Cool Facebook Posts

Gabi has had several famous people in Brazil comment on her story on their facebook pages.

Luciano Huck, a presenter on Brazil’s primary TV Channel, Canal Globo, wrote about Gabi on his facebook page which over 15 million people like. Over 7,700 people liked his post on Gabi and 490 shared it with others.

Ricardo Kaká, a soccer superstar whose page has 32 million likes, wrote (and translated for any English readers) an inspiring description about Gabi’s endeavor. 3,700 people liked his post.

Estopinha is an incredibly well trained dog (she’ll even answer your skype calls and respond to your commands given through skype), whom 1.8 million people like on facebook. While she may not have written up her beautiful message to Gabi herself, she is holding up her note of best wishes to Gabi in the picture that goes with the facebook post, which over 21,000 people liked and 745 shared.

Abilio Diniz is one of the most well known business leaders in Brazil. He is the former chairman of the Brazilian retail chain Grupo Pão de Açúcar, and is the current chairman of Brazil Foods.

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