Wavemaker: Today Gabi Attempts the World Record

Wavemaker presents: The Abdominal Plank World Record Attempt Starring 16-Year old Gabi Ury

By Michael Schulder
April 19th, 2014
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Keep your eyes on this video box today at 3pm Mountain Time, 5pm Eastern.


Listening to Gabi tell her story in the 4 minute 9 second video right above this paragraph, may explain why the current world record holder, Eva Bulzomi, was inspired to write Gabi such an encouraging email last week;

“Dear Gabi, I’m the gal who holds the current record that you’re going to crush!:) I heard your story yesterday and I’m so proud of your strength and motivation. I wish you all the best at your attempt…and Happy early 16th birthday!!! Gabi, I sincerely do hope you beat my record, but you may have to plank longer than you expected. On March 19, I did another attempt and I got to 1:05:18. You see, 2 years ago when I started this, I was given 2 claim ID numbers by mistake, so I literally had one laying around. I’ve beaten my 40 min plank many times and thought that I would try it one more time. I didn’t know of you then. I heard about you yesterday and wanted to let you know. Guinness has my evidence but hasn’t declared it as official. Don’t let this discourage you. Let this be your new goal…you can do it Gabi (find a good movie:)). My hopes and prayers are with you Gabi.”  Eva.

And so, now, Gabi, who tells us that she does not simply plan to break the record, but smash it – will have to smash – particularly hard.


She has received advice from Juilliard performance coach Dr. Noa Kageyama in the brief video below – advice which we could all use for our competitive endeavors.


She has received very different advice, on how to perceive time, from the male world record holder in the Plank, George Hood, who held his plank for 3 hours, 7 minutes, 15  seconds.

There is a community of people around Gabi who would like to inspire the young lady who received her driver’s license just two days ago.
Those who have followed Gabi’s story, for roughly a month, as I have, or 16 years as her family has, know that when it comes to providing inspiration, Gabi Ury is in the driver’s seat.

To contribute to one of Gabi’s favorite causes, Children’s Hospital Colorado, please go to Gabi’s web site:  www.gabiury.com

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