Who has been touched by Gabi?

Gabi’s story has touched millions of people. We get asked sometimes to make specific estimates, and while it’s impossible to track everywhere it has been, there are certain resources we can point people towards as they try to follow the unfolding of this story becoming viral.

The resources below include a few samples of where Gabi has been. This website contains many more newspaper articles, posts on popular blogs and websites, TV appearances and other media impressions Gabi has had, including ones that appear only in the Portuguese version of this website, as they have not been translated to English. The resources contained in this website should themselves be considered as samples, since there are an untold number of articles on the web that are not represented in this website.

That being said, here is a small sampling of this “sampling”:


TV Appearances

Sample #1: Gabi’s appearance on ABC News’ “Good Morning America”

Gabi found out that her planking attempt earned her the Guinness World Record in late April during the Good Morning America show, the most popular morning show in the US and ABC News’ most widely watched program, with upwards of 5 million viewers every week. Read more >>

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Sample #2: Gabi’s appearance on the China Central Television network


The CCTV, China’s state television broadcaster, interviewed Gabi and aired her story twice. Their team estimates that some 5.8 million people watched the section on Gabi. Read more >>


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Personal Videos

Sample #1: “Gabi’s Attempt at the World Record” Video

During the first week it was released, the video above was watched by close to half a million people from 150 countries:

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 12.41.52 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.13.24 PM

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Sample #2: “Conheça a Gabi Ury” (Meet Gabi Ury) Video in Portuguese

Gabi has become popular in Brazil, where famous celebrities talked of her before her planking feat, and large communities of people followed her journey. The video above, where Gabi speaks in Portuguese to her Brazilian audience, was watched by over 19,000 Brazilians the day after it was released.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 12.12.18 PM

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Social media impressions

Sample #1: Ellen DeGeneres tweets about Gabi

It has always been Gabi’s dream to be on the Ellen show. While the opportunity has not yet come about, Ellen DeGeneres did hear of Gabi and tweeted about her, and Gabi has an article about her on the Ellen Show Good News Blog. Ellen has 34 million followers on Twitter, and of those, 4,300 followers marked Ellen’s tweet on Gabi as a favorite, and 1,100 people re-tweeted it.

Other prominent figures who tweeted about Gabi include Tony Robbins and Simon Sinek.

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Sample #2: Brazilian superstars on Gabi

Gabi has had several famous people in Brazil comment on her story on their facebook pages.

  • Luciano Huck, a presenter on Brazil’s primary TV Channel, Canal Globo, wrote about Gabi on his facebook page which over 15 million people like. Over 7,700 people liked his post on Gabi and 490 shared it with others.
  • Ricardo Kaká, a soccer superstar whose page has 32 million likes, wrote (and translated for any English readers) an inspiring description about Gabi’s endeavor. 3,700 people liked his post.
  • Estopinha is an incredibly well trained dog (she’ll even answer your skype calls and respond to your commands given through skype), whom 1.8 million people like on facebook. While she may not have written up her beautiful message to Gabi herself, she is holding up her note of best wishes to Gabi in the picture that goes with the facebook post, which over 21,000 people liked and 745 shared.

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