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Overcome Unthinkable Challenges

“Here’s my simple birthday gift to a special soul. That girl has a bevy of guardian angels looking out for her. Happy 17th birthday Gabi!”
-Maya Mathias (a special tribute for Gabi’s 17th birthday, marking a year of her record-breaking feat)

Gabi Ury was born in 1998 with VATER syndrome, a developmental condition that affects her spine, muscles and limbs. 15 major surgeries and 16 years later, she broke the Guinness World Record for the Longest Abdominal Plank (Female). She inspires me, and I know she will inspire you too.

by Maya Mathias
April 17th, 2015
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‘Overcome unthinkable challenges’ is the tagline on Gabi Ury’s website.  This young lady’s strength and grit are awe-inspiring, as is the tremendous love and support that surrounds her.

She’d had a dream to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.  Because her medical condition doesn’t allow her to run well, her volleyball coach asked her to do the plank exercise while the rest of the class was running the mile. That was her moment of inspiration to go for the Longest Abdominal Plank.

This page tells the story of her record-breaking feat.

It can be easy to read or watch a story like this, be inspired in the moment, and then fall right back into our daily routine of life.

Just this once, I invite you to do something different.

I invite you to breathe in Gabi’s determination.  I invite you to imagine Gabi being your child, relative or good friend…and being there in the room with her cheering her on.

And I invite you to see what might be possible in your life if you can ride on even an ounce of the grit that Gabi demonstrates.

Her TEDx talk (embedded below) also shows off her joyful personality.  She is tremendously grounded, and obviously well-raised. I know her parents are proud, not just of what she has accomplished, but of who she is and what she teaches them about saying yes to life.

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