16-Year-Old Sets World Record with 80-Minute Plank

Gabi Ury puts the rest of us to shame

by Keshvar Alikhani
April 24th, 2014
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Remember the planking trend that made people around the world climb on pretty much anything out there?

Well, hate to break it to those pranksters, but they’ve got nothing on our new hero, 16-year-old Gabi Ury from Boulder, Colorado.

According to her personal website, the teenage super trooper managed to plank for full 80 minutes. That’s one hour and 20 minutes of core-burning ridiculousness. Talk about abs of steel! We start crying when our trainer makes us do it for more than one minute.

Ury’s impressive attempt is currently being reviewed by the official Guinness World Record judges, but it is pretty obvious that she will hold the record for longest plank ever held by a woman.

And what’s even more wonderful about this story? Gabi was born with VATER Syndrome, a disorder affecting her spine, muscles, and limbs. Over the years she has suffered through 14 major surgeries, but overcame those setbacks in order to achieve her fitness goals.

In honor of the hospital and doctors that helped her live a better life, Gabi broke the world record in an effort to raise $20,000 for the Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.

You go girl!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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